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Sangmin Lee

Blue and White Porcelain Bowl with 萬壽無疆 inscriptio

81.4x73.3x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2022

Blue and White Porcelain Jar with 壽福康寧 inscription

117.4x117.4x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2022

Jar with Characters SU BOK of White porcelain(Jose

104x103x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2022

Blue and White Pocelain Octagonal Jar with landsca

101x99x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2022

Jar with Crane and Tortoise Design in Underglaze B

101x99x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2022

Bowl with Floral Design in Underglaze Blue (Joseon

101x99x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2022

Punchong Bowl Underglaze white brushed slip ; inci

81.3x73.3x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2022


142.5 x 142.5 x 6cm_Engraved and framed_2018


129.5 x 129.5 x 6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2020

Porcelain Bowl (Joseon Period)

129x101x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2020

Porcelain Bowl (Joseon Period)

129x129x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2020

백자청화운용문호 白磁靑畵雲龍文壺 (Joseon Period)

91x139 x 6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2019

Buncheong Bowl, Decorated with a Thick Coating of

101.5x99.5x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2020

Buncheong Ware Bowl Dipped in White Slip (Joseon P

129x101x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2020

White Porcelain Bowl with Inlaid Peony and Scroll

80x120x6cm_Plate Glass Engraved_2017

Celadon Bowl with Inlaid Chrysantheemum Design (Go

118x118x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2018

청자상감운문잔 靑磁象嵌雲文盞 (Goryeo Period)

104.5x103.5x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2019

Bowl with Inlaid Clouds and PhoenixDesign (Goryeo

118x118x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2020

Porcelain Bowl (Joseon Period)

89.5x75.5x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2016

Sangmin Lee_Buncheong Ware Xi with stamped design (Joseon Period)

117.4x117.4x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2022

Sangmin Lee_Flower shaped Bowl with Characters of su bok Besign Underglaze Blue(Joseon Period)

117.4x117.4x6cm_Engraved Glass and framed_2022

Sang-Min Lee was born in 1966 in Seoul, Korea. He studied in department of Arts Plastiques, Strasbourg Marc Bloch National University, France (MFA) and in department of Objet, Ecole Supérieure des Arts Déoratifs de Strasbourg, France (BFA. MFA). He had solo exhibition 23 times since 1996 and his works has been exhibited at the National Gyeonggi Museum of Contemporary Art, South Korea. He is professor of Chungang University in department of Sculpture, Seoul, Korea and lives and works in Seoul, Korea. He is winner of Contemporain Art Japan, Bourguil, France and The International Snow Sculpture Competition in Quebec, Canada, also he got Eurocreation Prize at the Pepiniere des Artistes, France.

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