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Siwon Ghim

The Color of Old School Lipsticks Finishes This Painting

20x20cm_oil on pannel_2022

The Birth of New Characteristics

122x111cm_oil on canvas_2022

Waiting For The Perfect Timing

130x140cm_oil on canvas_2022

Wind Crosses The Thick Pillars

194x131cm_oil on canvas_2022

The Feeling of Having Conversation with My Neighbor

122x111cm_oil on canvas_2021

Outline of the Body and the Girl Beyond It

130x194.5cm_oil and pencil on canvas_2020

Revealing The Live Truth

194x131cm_oil on canvas_2022

The Dull Place No.35

122 x 111cm_oil on canvas_2018


122x111cm_oil on canvas_2021

Forward Attitude To Meet New People

120x70cm_Oil on canvas_2022

Siwon Ghim_The Rabbit Hole

146x114cm_oil on canvas_2020

Siwon Ghim_The Red Drawing Line Finishes This Painting

122x111cm_oil on canvas_2018

Clouds on Grid 2

30x30cm_oil on canvas_2021

Siwon Ghim_Touching The Part of Body Where Has Not Been Observed

122x111cm_oil on canvas_2021

This Painting Has Been Finished With White Primers

97 x 135cm_oil on canvas_2018

The Constant Engagement

194x131cm_oil on canvas_2022

The Air Distributed To Myself From The Beginning

194x131cm_oil on canvas_2023

Siwon Ghim is a painter currently making artwork in Seoul, after graduating at the Slade School of Fine Art in 2014. She opened her first solo exhibition in Seoul in 2018, and has been presenting works concerning a meek identity that gets easily influenced by the surrounding environment, but still being held. In 2021, She held a solo exhibition titled

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