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The 10-year-old gallery LEE & BAE was founded in Haeundae, Busan, Korea in 2010. Located in riverside of Suyeong with beautiful landscape and based in the area of 430 square meters, LEE & BAE organizes exhibitions of different themes every two months. Since its founding, the primary aim of the gallery has been to promote academic research and exhibitions of Koreancontemporary art. Gradually, international exhibition exchange has also become one of the main objectives of the gallery. The gallery promotes Korean established and emerging artists of contemporary art, thus focusing on identity of Korean contemporary art and the social aspects of visual art. Working with its represented and contracted artists, the gallery organizes curated exhibitions and plans academic exchange. LEE & BAE's represented contemporary artists apply various media in their artworks to emphasize Korea's social and democratic characteristics. They document various current global views through visual art.

LEE & BAE is committed to developing international collaboration and exchange of art. For many years, it has been selected for inclusion in international art fairs to promote Korean art. A significant number of artworks by the gallery's represented artists have been included in the collection of the main art museums and private collectors. Besides a great focus on Korean art, LEE & BAE is also engaged in the exploration of the cultural characteristics of Korea while looking through the lens of the Asian art history in hope for Korean contemporary art to receive global attention.

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