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The Dignity of Art

2022-09-01 Thu - 2022-10-23 Sun

Sangsun Bae, Hyojin Park

Hyojin Park_Bacchus

70x75x98cm_fake flower, resin, color pigment_2022

Hyojin Park_Three Graces

50x55x76cm_fake flower, resin, color pigment_2020

Sangsun Bae_Waves i

130x130cm_Gesso on velvet_2019

Sangsun Bae_Waves ii

130x130cm_Gesso on velvet_2019

Hyojin Park_Rejoicing

93x110cm_pigment print on paper_2020_ed.5

Sangsun Bae_Ever Expanding 1-2

145.5x112.2cm_Gesso on velvet_2018

Sangsun Bae_Ever Expanding 2-1

145.5x112.2cm_Gesso on velvet_2018

Hyojin Park_Wisdom

94x110cm_pigment print on paper_2020_ed.5

Hyojin Park_Venus floridity

95x110cm_pigment print on paper_2020_ed.5

Sangsun Bae_More & Less

182x368cm_Gesso on velvet_2008-2019

Sangsun Bae_Untitled_Panorama-2s

190x130cm_Gesso on velvet_2019


LEE & BAE is pleased to announce Hyojin Park and Sangsun Bae’s duo exhibition of The Dignity of Art from 1st September to 23rd October 2022. The dignity in art refers to the true value or the majesty of the work. Having the dignity in art is to inspire understanding, consideration, and empathy for others. In this respect, Hyojin Park’s sculpture which stained with intense colors plays a role as a very dignified medium to persuade gracefully about the directivity of life while paradoxically expressing human desires and emptiness. At the same time, Sangsun Bae’s velvet painting which constitutes the canvas with monochrome and countless lines expresses the wavelength and depth of human relationships with accumulation of time, and it is sufficient to induces not only the artist herself but also the viewer to have self-reflection. Through this exhibition, we hope to the viewer experience the true value and dignity of artwork.

Artwork is a ‘spiritual and philosophical’ product made of form, color, material, technique and so on. Like humans, artworks that permeate the artist’s soul as human being have dignity. The artist gives dignity to the work she created, and the viewer shares the dignity. Like the dignity of human, the dignity of art comes from the attitude of artist toward the world. Therefore, the physical elements such as the colors and images that organize the work presents the sensuous beauty and pleasure, and it impresses the soul of the viewer. The free and delicate soul of the viewer communes with the artwork and accepts the dignity of work and makes them live a more mature life as a human being.

Hyojin Park borrows various gods from Western mythology and objects that implies dignity, sacredness, elegance, and beauty such as an oriental pottery which is a high-level cultural product, at the bottom of the sculpture. And on the top of sculpture is decorated with colorful bouquets of various artificial flowers with a mixture of colored resin as if blood or tears are flowing down. Her work looks like an ideal and fancy paradise with perfect combination of objects, but the emptiness, loneliness and sadness inherent in the work cannot ne hidden. The flowers that flow down as if they were withering after blooming are expressed the foolish of human in pursuit of an illusion and transient of life well as a meta-language. The gods represented as perfect human beings and the noble potteries which reached the peak of spiritual culture, by supporting the meaningless of glamorous life with difficulty, explain very paradoxically that life is worth of proceeding yet.

Sangsun Bae’s velvet painting is based on line painting and it constitutes a canvas in which faint shading appears by repeating and overlapping countless lines with diluted white gesso on black velvet. The lines that are mixed inside and out with accumulation of time represent the depth and wavelength of human relationships and it involves a deep interpretation and determination to life. The velvet painting has become a type of painting by forming one side with constantly repeating white lines in silence and concentration and spreading an infinite abyss in the black blank space without any drawing. The artist chose black velvet instead of canvas as the best material that minimizes reflection and absorbs light almost perfectly, and draw an infinite circle with gesso instead of oil paints even though it is extremely faint color of white to emphasize physical properties with solidity and structure.

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